The Band
papalagi - The Band
Musiker auf einen Blick:
Wolfram Cramer von Clausbruch: synthesizer/ piano/ bouzouki/ celtic harp/ kalimba
Tom Dams: samples/ loops/ keyboards/ voc
Urs Fuchs: bass/ percussion/ rhythms/ voc
Peter Funda: drums/percussion
Thomas Kagermann: violin/ keyboards/ voc / flutes
Michael Lücker: el & acc 6- & 12-str. guitars/ keyboards/ percussion/ voc
Tom Schäfer: drums/ electric & acoustic percussion
Jan-Philipp Tödte: percussion/ rhythms/ loops/ div...

Tobias Becker: Oboe/ Virtuelle Blasinstrumente/ electronica
Georg Boskamp: beats/ percussion/ sonics
Uli Brand: acc. Git
Ulla van Daelen: Harfe
Oliver Finken: el. Git/ bass/ git.-synth
Michael Harder: keyboards
Donald Holtermanns: percussion
Konny: Querflöte
Marc Metscher: percussion
Julia Messenger: voc / percussion
Razoof: electric drums & electric percussion

Papalagi Live
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Painting by Katharina Otte
All paintings and covers by Katharina Otte
© papalagi 2016